To Be Reasonable

“Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand.” Philippians 4:5 ESV

Being reasonable is needed now more than ever. The empty store shelves, state-mandated lockdowns, and what did I hear? Oregonians must pump their own gas?!

Yes, it’s time to be reasonable. But as an ambivert (the girl who’s happy to attend the party and even dance at the party as long as the party ends promptly at 9:30 so that she may be up by 6:30 to have some quiet time all to herself), I find my moments of isolated reflection aren’t as sweet if not offset by the sweet indulgence of social interaction.

I miss church. I miss going to public places and sitting casually beside strangers at the sushi bar, and I miss the option of actually getting to go to the sushi bar!

I miss the anticipation of a long road trip to anywhere I’ve never been in Oregon—oh, I know I’ll get there someday—but it feels as if even anticipation has been put on hold.

But to get through this time, I’ve decided to be reasonable. To relish the leisure of reading those books I’ve been meaning to read on my forever-long book bucket list, to actually clean the house like I’ve been meaning to clean the house, to take up the ministry of sending cards to people as I’ve always wanted to—if only there was more time.

Yes, it’s time to be reasonable.

And if I can learn to follow through with the next couple of verses after Philippians 4:5, the verses that direct believers to send up our petitions and act in faith instead of worry . . .

If I continue to worship in my home, though momentarily distanced from fellow believers  . . .

If I remain confident in my prayers and in the Truth that can’t be quarantined . . .

Then like Paul, I will say:

The Lord is at hand.

Not six feet away.

Not accessible only through some digital means.

Not shielding His face with a medical-grade mask—but fully shining His face, waiting for me to look to Him.

Yes, it’s time to be reasonable.

To read. To pray. To write. To cry.

Knowing He’s right here.

And If I know, if I remember, if I am reasonable  . . .

Others might see and know Him too.


Here are a few more things I’m doing to stay somewhat sane and reasonable at this time:

  1. Reading blogs that bring me comfort.

The Blazing Center is one of my favorite Christian blogs. A weekly blog with Godly inspiration mixed with the right amount of humor and wit. Their writing never fails to encourage me and gives me the midweek boost I need.

Coffee Tea and Books blog is like settling down with—well, you might have guessed—a cup of tea or coffee with a good friend and discussing books, recipes, and how to prep in case there’s a pandemic. Yes, indeed, Brenda was prepping way before the big storm hit. She’s full of wisdom on how to stock, what to stock, and how to use that stock in the most efficient and most satisfying way possible. This blogger writes twice a week and has a more inspirational piece that comes out on Sundays.

  1. Reading good books:

Nothing helps me more than reading a good book that relates to whatever current situation I find myself in. This year I’ve been determined to read more books than I ever have in one year.

Here are some of my favs from this year so far:

Wings Like a Dove by Camille Eide. First, let me start by saying, I LOVE every book I’ve ever read by Camille Eide. Wings Like a Dove is a story of a Jewish woman who runs away from home after becoming pregnant out of wedlock during the Great Depression. Grace is fleshed out beautifully in a character whose burden of unworthiness is constantly at war with her courage. Such a great book!

If you’d rather read nonfiction, I will recommend another one my mind keeps going back to on the hard days. Waiting on God by Xochitl Dixon is a devotional-style book with a testimony in each chapter on how God worked in difficult situations and how each person learned how to trust God more through each trial. This is definitely a faith-building book.

Ever Faithful by Karen Barnett. Can’t go anywhere right now? Karen Barnett’s National Parks series has been a great way for me to travel in my mind. Every book I’ve read from this series has made me feel like I was on vacation. And really, it’s so much cheaper to travel this way.

  1. Paint by Numbers. Yes, I bought a paint by numbers kit. Two of them actually. No, I haven’t started yet. They just arrived today. My plan is for me and my daughter to have some mother/daughter time—to do something different, something we don’t normally do. Just for fun. And that’s what I hope for you, too, my dear reader. That you will find something to do during this difficult time—something different, something just for fun.

God bless! And I’ll let you know how the paint by numbers goes.














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