Daylight Is Coming

When my son got his first job at a convenience store working third shift, I cringed. Sure, the hours were fine for a college-age kid, and it would be good fodder for his movie-making endeavors, but the clientele he would sell Slim Jims and Bud Light to between 9 pm and 7 am didn’t necessarily make me feel good as a mom.

Three nights a week, he would leave the safety of our home and enter the real world —the very scary dark (literally!) world. Of course, he wasn’t scared. But I was! Eventually, my fear for him would lessen—but I was and still am so very glad when he finishes the last day of his workweek, when he can finally be home with the fam and out of the grips of the sometimes drunk, drugged out, perversive crowd that finds its way through his store before daylight. 

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a lot like working at a convenience store in the dark dead of night. No one knows who or what is coming in the door next. And whoever or whatever it is wants more than a pack of beer and a pepperoni stick. They want our health, our job, our sanity—and, if they can get a hold of it, our soul.

Viruses, government, media.

Fears, worries, insecurities. 

People, people,  people. (Yes, people always seem to be part of every problem.)

Keep barging through our convenient lives. 

But daylight is coming. 

Won’t it be so good to be home? To spend time with the fam?

Yes, it will be good. 

But, even better . . . 

Someone is waiting for us. 

I don’t know how many times I’d read it, but recently when I read Revelation 21:3 through the lens of a tumultuous year, I had 2020 vision.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.”

Can you hear the cheers? Can you see the fanfare?

Bring the fattened calf. Here’s my ring. Here’s my robe. 

Let’s have a party! 

My children are home. 

When the Lord returns, He, the Creator of heaven and earth, will make His dwelling place with us.

The best in-person gathering ever!

I used to only think about how happy I would be to be home with the Lord. Now I’m even happier knowing how happy God will be.

So keep praying, keep working, keep waiting with hope. 

Daylight is coming. 

We will soon be home. 

With the One who longs to be with us.

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